EXI Prototype for .NET - Features

Conformance and Main Features

The OSS EXI Tools for .NET are a complete implementation of the Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format 1.0 (Second Edition) W3C Recommendation. As such, they fully support the following features of EXI:

  • schema-informed EXI streams
  • schema-informed EXI streams using only XSD built-in datatypes
  • schemaless EXI streams
  • document / fragment
  • all the alignment options (bit-packed, byte-aligned, precompression)
  • EXI compression (use of DEFLATE)
  • strict / non-strict (deviations from the schema)
  • fidelity options (preserve comments, pis, dtd, prefixes, lexical values)
  • handling of xsi:type and xsi:nil
  • handling of self-contained elements (both when encoding and when decoding)
  • reading and writing an EXI option document included in the EXI stream header
  • datatype representation mappings
  • derivation of restricted character sets from pattern facets,

as well as all the other features required for conformance to the EXI Recommendation, both when encoding and when decoding an EXI stream.

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