ASN-1Step — Overview


OSS® ASN-1Step is a versatile tool built to ease ASN.1 application development and testing. Use the intuitive IDE (available for Windows, Linux and macOS), or the command-line interface (available for all platforms) to create or modify ASN.1 values without writing any code.

ASN-1Step provides:

  • The ability to create and modify any ASN.1 message without writing code.
  • Support for all standard ASN.1 encoding rules, including the new OER, COER, and JSON.
  • Detailed descriptions of PER, CPER, OER, COER, and BER/CER/DER encodings.
  • Precise and informative diagnostic messages.
  • Support for converting to/from Comma Separated Value (CSV) files.
  • Automatic detection and handling of CDR files.
  • Support for 3GPP CDR files containing messages encoded using various encoding rules that are specified inside record headers.
  • Robust, conformant ASN.1 parsing and encoding/decoding.
Use ASN-1Step to generate a DER-encoded

Included with ASN-1Step is a set of commonly used ASN.1 standard schemas.

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Supported ASN.1 Specifications
X.680, X.681, X.682, X.683, X.690, X.691, X.693, X.696 (ITU-T, Ed. 2015)
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