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A partial selection of our customers

9 out of 10 telecom companies purchase tools from OSS Nokalva

Our commitment to providing reliable products and superior service has earned us a reputation for excellence. Thousands of developers around the world, representing every industry, are using OSS Nokalva Tools to meet their needs. Our 1500+ customers include leaders in telecommunications, security, finance, biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing and other commercial areas, plus top academic and research organizations worldwide. Our customers turn to us time and again to meet their changing needs.


  • "OSS Nokalva Technical Support team was awesome. There were quite a few config changes I missed, and it did take a couple of iterations to get it to work. OSS Nokalva Tech. Support team stayed with the problem all along until it was resolved. My sincere thanks to: Paul E. Thorpe & Althea DeLisser"
  • Vengat Djearaman
    Transaction Network Services

  • "I have been using the OSS ASN.1 Studio and the C# compiler for over 6 months now on several projects and can unequivocally state that it is a pleasure working with the ASN.1 Studio. I, also, have been very impressed with the quality of the product and the superb C# code generation. I love the sample code that the compiler generates, makes one's life a lot easier. I have never so far had a problem with the C# generated code. The OSS Tech Support is top notch, within hours of contacting them, an answer comes back supported by detailed explanations, facts and standards. Kudos to the entire team."
  • Mostafa Kassem

  • "Our selection of OSS Nokalva Inc.'s ASN.1 C++ tool was the clear choice among available alternatives. The fully featured OSS Nokalva solution required minimal start-up time, enabling us to gain value faster. In addition, we found the OSS Nokalva staff to be most responsive in addressing our questions and concerns. We feel confident that the choice of OSS Nokalva's ASN.1 C++ tool will serve us well as we develop our suite of telecommunications products."
  • Steve Aubin
    Interop Technologies

  • "I am very happy working with the OSS Nokalva technical support team. You always respond promptly and give me adequate solutions to the problems encountered. Keep up the good work!"
  • Virgil Vaida

  • "...thanks for your concern. OSS has been very prompt in their support. We guys here have a very strict time schedule, thus we're unable to spend much time in reading the manuals ... we really appreciate your support..."
  • Shiv Kumar
    Swiss Telecom

  • "Thank you very much for the good support and timely development of our port. It's a pleasure to do business with you. Please forward my thanks to the whole team."
  • Markus Garnatz
    Ericsson (Germany)

  • "I am happy to say that the customer service I have received from OSS technical support has been excellent. I have received full attention and great support from Conrad and his team. They have worked day and night to help solve my problems. I am glad that I have chosen OSS as my ASN.1 solution provider."
  • Adam Bekit
    Johns Hopkins APL

  • "Thanks heaps for your help, it has been great. It is the service that you have provided me that separates your product from others on the market. Look forward to working with you in the future."
  • Ben Connell
    Information Technologies Australia Pty. Ltd.

  • "It can be very time-consuming and also prone to error when it comes to creating an ASN.1 specification based on an ITU-T 3GPP specification which are mostly embedded in a MS Word document. They need to be extracted such that no preambles, chapter titles or any other non-ASN.1 text are included. Sometimes the specs span several sub chapters with a lot of other non-ASN information in between. ASN.1 Studio can read a 3GPP standards based MS Word document, and in just a few seconds and extract out a clean, debugged, and error free ASN.1 3GPP specification, saving a lot of time having to perform the same tasks manually."
  • Kourosh Ashkon
    Ashksoftware, Inc

  • " ...we are using ASN-1Step a lot in the context of ETSI BRAN Hiperaccess standardization. Thanks to that, the group working on Hiperaccess protocol specification is now really at ease with encoding issues and the benefits of separating the abstract specifications from encoding are now fully appreciated."
  • Prof Bernd Friedrichs, Chairman of ETSI Project BRAN
    Marconi Communications

  • "It has been now more than 10 months, since we started using the OSS tools. The promptness (less than a day for a reply), the clarity (of the answers to our questions), and your patience are excellent."
  • Geetha Sudha
    Navtel Communications, Toronto

  • "The use of ASN.1/C in the printing industry is simple and straight forward, it might not be anything new to you. Our product is composed of multiple servers having different roles across heterogeneous networks. These servers manage a lot of printing job information that is passed between them (interfaces). We use ASN.1 to hide this network specific details and also to be able to add new data definitions (interfaces) quickly. We rely on ASN1 to do that for us as we know ASN.1 has very good performance. Performance is the key here ! To be very explicit we rely on your encode/decode times to be very fast independent of the size of data being processed."
  • Solution Architect

  • "We have solved the problems we were battling with for months, in just a few short days with your OSS ASN.1 compiler... I rate the professionalism of your product and company very high"
  • Conrad du Toit

  • "We have chosen OSS Nokalva's ASN.1 tools for C++, mainly because of its excellent C++ integration. Because OSS Nokalva C++ Tools generates C++ source code with proper OO Design, we no longer need to develop interface wrappers, which is necessary with the ASN.1 C++ product we currently use. This saves significant time and effort when developing products for new ASN.1 based protocols. Performance is key in our products and the promise of very high performance as well as flexibility also weighed heavily in our decision to choose OSS Nokalva's ASN.1 C++ Tools."
  • Rasmus Pedersen
    Danish IT Company

  • "I personally trust your analysis and recommendation from past experience. You are one of the very best vendors we have worked with and I appreciate your patience and support."
  • William Pyritz

  • "Thank you for your interest in staying committed to customer quality. Constant improvement is a sign of a well run organization, and signals future customer satisfaction."
  • Rene Parra
    Texas Instruments

  • "In our section, we have been using OSS ASN.1 compilers and run-time libraries on several platforms for about 15 years. Our telecommunication applications need to interwork not only between our platforms and with other platforms produced within the Company, but also with 3rd party platforms. This involves both proprietary and ISO standard ASN.1 operations. Over time, there have been several evaluations in the Company of the ASN.1 tools available in the marketplace. OSS have consistently been the recommended supplier of choice by far in terms of functionality, flexibility, ease-of-use, quality and responsiveness of support, and commitment to compliance with evolving ASN.1 standards."
  • Alan Marshall
    Unify Enterprise Communications Ltd., UK

  • "Your ASN-1Step product is a joy to use. I have been building a protocol analyzer / h series terminal application and your tool makes this much easier. I have learned more from your ASN-1Step product than in years of reading / experimenting... wow!"
  • Steve Barbo
    University of Minnesota, Video Solutions

  • "We are beyond pleased here. The support was not only responsive, it was informative, clear and complete."
  • Jan Persaud-TM

  • "You guys are a great resource for our division. We appreciate your hard work on such thorny ASN.1 issues."
  • Mike Vlassis

  • "I'm more than satisfied with the quality of the support I received from OSS. I had never experienced such great support, from any company before, even though the problems were not actually related to the OSS Tools."
  • Luis Rojas
    Sixbell Corporation, Chile

  • "My group has been very happy with your company. We have always received excellent support and have recommended your product to many other people on the ECMA CSTA committee."
  • John Watson
    ECMA CSTA Committee

  • "I would like to thank you once again for your prompt response. It is our experience with international companies to experience prolonged delays and poor customer service even for procurement. This is commend you and your staff on a job well done. On behalf of the UANGEL staff, thank you - especially Ms. Ana Greenspan for her continued courtesy and punctuality."
  • Jung Min Yin ( Overseas Operations Manager)
    UANGEL Corp.

  • "Thank you very much for your sincere and prompt support."
  • Philip Hong
    i-Security Solutions

  • "I'm quite satisfied with the support... Most questions are answered in a short time, which is good!"
  • Bjorn Landstrom (QCS)

  • "Using the OSS ASN.1 tools was a great help in developing our new ECMA-285 ASN.1 specification for CSTA. The support received from your kind employees was very good. We received our licenses very quickly. The User Manuals and Quick Guide helped by providing a sufficient overview of the OSS software functionalities and capabilities. The new ASN.1 Studio has some really nice enhancements which enabled us to easily create an asn1cpp project with all our ECMA CSTA ASN.1 files. We were quite pleased to see, that the order of the files to be compiled didn't have to be edited manually because of forward references. Clicking on a warning or error directly links to the issue in the code. The options and settings for the Syntax Checker and Compiler have also nice tooltips. We would be happy to use your software again for future projects."
  • Claus Rist
    Siemens Enterprise Communications

  • "We have successfully implemented a prototype with the OSS Tools for Java in very short time, thanks to the excellent support and help from Nokalva (we had problems with XER encoding in the ASN.1 specs we received, which could be solved by consulting the online documentation at the Nokalva website)."
  • Gregor Rosenauer

  • "P&T Luxembourg has been running the GSMA TAP3.3 smoothly since deployment based on the robust and efficient OSS ASN.1 Tools"
  • Paul Rhein
    P&T Luxembourg