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OSS Nokalva® is a leading vendor of ASN.1 and 5G/LTE (NAS) software development toolkits that empower companies worldwide to rapidly and reliably develop applications for standards such as UMTS, LTE, LTE Advanced, 5G, NB-IoT, C-V2X, DSRC, eUICC, Interledger, ISO 20022, eCall, and many more. Instrumental in shaping and developing both standards and related technologies, OSS Nokalva has been providing the most advanced and complete development tools since 1988.

Through the years, OSS Nokalva has listened to the needs of software professionals around the world, continually refining our products to meet the evolving demands of the industries we serve. With a singular mission to help our customers succeed, we devote significant resources to the development and enhancement of OSS' products to address our customers' needs.

Today, OSS Nokalva continues to deliver on its mission to help customers succeed by providing the highest quality development software and support services.

  • "I am very happy working with the OSS Nokalva technical support team. You always respond promptly and give me adequate solutions to the problems encountered. Keep up the good work!"
  • Virgil Vaida
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  • "I personally trust your analysis and recommendation from past experience. You are one of the very best vendors we have worked with and I appreciate your patience and support."
  • William Pyritz
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With 30 years of experience supporting a 1500+ worldwide customer base, OSS Nokalva has built a reputation as the leading vendor of ASN.1 development toolkits. OSS solutions have been deployed in mission-critical systems supporting Telecommunications, Space and Military applications, as well as innovative GPS and Intelligent Transportation System solutions. OSS Nokalva has designed a distinguished line of standards-based tools to cater to the needs of ASN.1, XML, and LTE developers... read more ...


OSS' expertise in industries such as Telecommunications, Wireless, Aviation, Healthcare, Security, and Finance, ensures that when you need a solution to communicate effectively between different machines, platforms, systems, and technologies, we can offer the right services, tailored to meet your requirements. Our proven process safeguards your investment by emphasizing collaborative development and ensuring knowledge transfer to your staff... read more ...

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