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OSS Nokalva's software products are based on standards, therefore we invest considerable effort in related standardization activities. OSS personnel have been involved in standardization for many years within various standards organizations, and have authored contributions, acted as editor or co-editor of standards, and spoken at conferences and seminars. Some examples of our involvement over the years are:

  • Editor and Head of US Delegation, for ASN.1 ISO Standards Committees
  • Editor and Member of US Delegation, for ASN.1 ITU-T Standards Committees
  • Co-editor of OASIS Emergency Data Exchange Language - Resource Messaging
  • Contributor to:
    • 3GPP RAN
    • IEEE WiMAX2
    • W3C XML Binary
    • W3C Efficient XML Interchange
    • OASIS
    • ETSI
    • Open Geospatial Consortium

Our special attention to standardization ensures that our products are completely conformant to the standards they support, and will be ready to evolve smoothly as the standards themselves evolve. Our active participation in the ASN.1 standards helps to ensure that the needs of ASN.1 users and developers are reflected in the ASN.1 International Standards and Recommendations. OSS Nokalva has assisted several standards organizations in developing ASN.1 specifications which adhere to the ASN.1 standards by providing free access to ASN.1-Step and our ASN.1 Tools. Such adherence improves the quality of the standards that use ASN.1.

OSS' ASN.1 experts are available to assist you with your ASN.1-related projects. Contact us for more information.

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