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ASN.1 in 5G & LTE

ASN.1 in 4G

LTE enables lightning-fast mobile broadband communication. To be successful, LTE networks require proven technologies, capable of delivering massive amounts of user data and network control information in fractions of a second.

ASN.1 is a mature core technology that is widely used for robust communication in Financial, Aviation, Security, Transportation and Telecommunication infrastructures. ASN.1's reliability and performance have been put to the test for more than a quarter century and ASN.1 has consistently proven its ability to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding communication protocols.

ASN.1 is an essential ingredient for achieving the strict speed requirements defined by ITU-R in the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) requirements. 3GPP LTE protocols such as RRC, S1, LTE X2, and LPPa are defined using ASN.1.

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