3GPP Releases Supported in OSS' Products

The OSS ASN.1/C, ASN.1/C++, ASN.1/Java, and ASN.1/C# Tools, as well as ASN-1Step support any valid ASN.1 schema, including those from 3GPP Rel 8 - 17 and beyond.

The OSS NAS Tools for C or C++, and our NAS-1Step product support 3GPP Rel 8 - 17.

The OSS NAS Tools for Java supports 3GPP Rel 14 - 17.

The OSS NAS Tools for C# supports 3GPP Rel 15 - 17.

The OSS NAS Tools for Python supports 3GPP Rel 16 - 17.

OSS ASN.1 Product ALL 3GPP Releases
ASN.1/C Tools
ASN.1/C++ Tools
ASN.1/Java Tools
ASN.1/C# Tools
OSS LTE & 5G Product 3GPP Release
8-13 14 LTE 15 LTE 16 LTE 17 5G 15 5G 16 5G 17
NAS Tools for C, C++
NAS Tools for Java
NAS Tools for C#
NAS Tools for Python

OSS is committed to supporting all 3GPP releases and helping customers to integrate and support LTE and 5G in their products.

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