the power of ASN.1
  in the 21st century




Insight 1:  ASN.1 is everywhere

You can't live a day without using ASN.1. When you use your cellular phone, manage your
network, shop online, receive your FedEx package, send secure emails, place an 800-number call,
access your personal health records, or receive electricity from a wind turbine or standby
generator, ASN.1 is being used. And each day, from advanced online gaming, 4G LTE, smart
highways, electrical smart grid, and many other emerging arenas, ASN.1 continues to be chosen
as the foundation technology.

Insight 2:  ASN.1 works well with XML

The XML Encoding Rules of ASN.1 (XER) make it easy for messages defined using ASN.1 to
be encoded in XML format.

Insight 3:  ASN.1 Tools are abundant and readily available

There are many ASN.1 development tools available today. Tools are available both from the free
open source community and from commercial enterprise developers. Whatever your need or
budget, there is an ASN.1 software package that can meet your goals. Still not convinced? Visit to learn more about what tools are available.

Insight 4:  ASN.1 is human friendly

There are many tools available to view your ASN.1 definitions and encodings. Furthermore, XER
makes possible visual renderings with XML tools.

Insight 5:  ASN.1 is easy to learn and easy to write

Well-designed tools make working with ASN.1 simple and efficient. You can use graphical tools
such as ASN.1 Studio by OSS Nokalva to effortlessly create or modify ASN.1 definitions and
encodings without having to write a single line of code.

Insight 6:  ASN.1 is a great schema for XML

To make XML truly useful, your schema needs to be robust and efficient. Among the many
strengths of ASN.1 is that it is both robust and efficient. The verbosity of an ASN.1 definition is
one third the size of an equivalent XSD specification and ASN.1 is more readable.

Insight 7:  ASN.1 is a workhorse of the 21st century

ASN.1 is like the cement in a concrete road, a crucial component that is not obvious to the riders.
It works so well and seamlessly with different platforms and programming languages, you don't
even know it is there. Still want more? See Insight 1.

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