ASN.1 Lean Encoder/Decoder


The OSS® Lean Encoder/Decoder is designed specifically for resource-constrained environments. The LED is optimized to offer a smaller code size. With its small demand for memory resources and fast encode/decode, the LED delivers real time performance. For more information comparing the Lean Encoder/Decoder with the Space-Optimized Encoder/Decoder and Time-Optimized Encoder/Decoder, see the OSS ASN.1/C runtime comparison and the OSS ASN.1/C++ runtime comparison pages.

The Lean Encoder/Decoder is available for the OSS ASN.1/C Tools, OSS ASN.1/C++ Tools and OSS ASN.1/Java Tools. For the OSS ASN.1/Java Tools, the Lean Encoder/Decoder library is included in the OSS ASN.1/Java Tools shipment. For C and C++, the Lean Encoder/Decoder libraries are available as a separate add-on.

One major difference between the other OSS ASN.1 Tool Libraries and the LED is diagnostic capabilities. LED does not include any. We recommend using our feature rich standard Space-Optimized Encoder/Decoder (SOED) for development and the small fast LED for production. There is an ASN.1 compiler feature which allows generation of "lean" code which can be used with both the LED and the SOED runtime libraries so the transition from SOED to the LED is seamless.

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